Jailbreak Rules!

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Jailbreak Rules!

Post  Krystal on Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:56 am

Since there is a delay with the MOTD what will contain the rules, here they are!

1. Prisoners will listen to the guards orders.
2.A. If there is only one guard with a microphone, he is automatically warden.
2.B. If there is no guard with a microphone, text based orders may be given.
2.C. If there are several guards with microphones, the first guard to call warden is warden.
2.D. Only the warden may make rules. If any other guard makes rules, they don’t comply.
3.A. If no rules have been made, the prisoners are allowed to do whatever they want, exept killing guards. This is called “Freeday”
3.B. If the warden makes it a "Freeday", the other guards are not allowed to interfeer with that rule or make their own rules. Rules can NOT be added to a "Freeday".
3.C When it is a "Freeday", the guards are NOT allowed to kill any prisoner AT ALL, unless a prisoner attacks a guard.
4.A. The guards are not allowed to kill prisoners for being in the guard area, having weapons out etc. unless there are orders that say they can’t have those.
4.B. The guards can’t kill a prisoner who finds a “loophole” in an order etc. “go to the backwall” and the backwall has not been specified.
4.C. The guards can't use the tranqulizer on prisoners for no reason. They do hurt.
4.D. The guards are not allowed to give prisoners guns, exept if it is a last request. This is called "weapon planting".
5. The warden is not allowed to make “kill rules”, like “execution day” or send prisoners to execution chambers/other areas that kills.
6. When there is one prisoner left, he will receive a “last request”, which can involve everything, exept no admin powers. Rejecting the last prisoner his last request results in a kick.
7.A. When there is only one guard left, he is “last guard”, which allows him to freekill everyone. Over-rules rule 6: Last request.
7.B. Under following circumstances, “last guard” will not comply: the other guards gets teamkilled/kicked/banned/suicides/leaves.
8. Orders can be given at any time.
9. Orders have to be specific.
10. No player is allowed to expose glitches/bugs in maps.
11. A “designated shooter” is required for all kind of games like “Simon says” and “first reaction/last reaction” etc.
12. If the warden dies, all rules he made will stop comply and a “freeday” will occur, until another guard calls warden and makes new rules.
13. If rules are made, like “stay inside your cells”, “don’t go in the guard area”, when the prisoners already are outside their cells/inside the guard area, they must be given time to go back to their cells/go out of the guard area. Killing them without giving them time is considered “Freekill”.
14. No sexual harasement, rasism or hate towards other groups are allowed etc. Furries.
15. No advertising for other clans. This will result in a permanent ban.
16. No blocking any routes, etc. blocking vents, doors.
17. No ghosting, meaning don't say where anyone/anything is when you are dead.

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